And we turn one!

“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves – to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today.”  The prior are the most apt words that describe the journey of Technobratz as we complete a year of being in the industry today!


Although Technobratz had occupied a huge amount of our mind space for quite some time, the venture finally began its operations on May 13th 2013 as three friends turned their friendship into official partnership. We are a venture that specialises in digital, software, mobile and design domains with an in depth understanding of the industry requirements to meet the expectations of clients.

When we began our journey with two clients and one employee, we were certainly not expecting  the road ahead to be so awesome.  A business is only as good as the clients it serves and whatever we have been able to achieve in the last one year is an outcome of the teamwork of our clients and our dedicated set of employees.

Our prime objective is to provide customised digitised solutions to all our clients to enhance their operations and expand their business. The methodologies that we implement while understanding the clients’  requirements and while meeting the requirements, has thus allowed us to build deep trust based partnerships with each one of them which go beyond one time projects. We do our best to identify with our clients beyond their business identity to be able to deliver the most suitable outcomes. Our work talks for itself and we are delighted to have been successful in offering customised solutions to our clients to help them expand their business.

The best part about having your own company is that your scope of work does not remain restricted to a particular kind of work or sector.  Our clients and the nature of our work have immensely contributed in ascending our learning curve and in helping us get better with every project. While being competitive has almost become a prerequisite for every organisation , we derive work satisfaction by getting better with every project. We aim at climbing the ladder by thus setting new benchmarks for ourselves along the way.

As we complete a year in the business today, we would like to thank everybody who has been with us throughout our journey. We look forward to doing some more kick ass stuff in the years to follow to be able to stand by the expectations of our clients and everybody else involved with us!

Oh and we do have a good news in store for you! Watch this space to know more…soon…!

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