Custom software – A wise business decision

Custom Software

Remember those conversations with your elders when they boasted about their times when everything at work was done manually? Those were the days when calculators weren’t even in vogue. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Calculators have replaced manual counting and ATMs have replaced manual withdrawals. It is nothing but the necessity get things done in a smarter way that has led technology to be an indispensible part of our lives today.

Technology has seamlessly merged with our lives today. Technology in the form of gadgets, apps on your phone and softwares on your system!  And it’s not just personal life that softwares have influenced but they’ve quite successfully managed to seep into professional life too. Be it in the form of Tally for CAs or AutoCAD for architects or ERM for hospital management; softwares have made systems and processes easier.

But wait a minute! As an entrepreneur, do you still prefer getting work done manually and are you too comfortably numb enough to not make changes in your business? If your answer is yes, then it’s time for you to consider incorporating custom software into your business and see the wonders it does for you.

The role of custom software is underestimated in the present day. And it’s not just a few companies but a majority of companies missing out enjoying the perks of having custom software just because of their apprehension of incorporating one into their system. But take a look at the pros and it is amazing to see how well custom software adds agility to a company’s processes and systems.

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First and foremost, custom software is called customized software because it is specifically designed to meet all your needs. The reason why it is called custom software is because it is tailor made to match your requirements. Hence, going by the prior, the custom software replicates your manual processes into your system just the way you want it, hence doing all that you would do manually otherwise in less than half the time. The key word here is replicates. A custom software also integrates easily into your other existing systems.

The software designed specifically for your company can revolutionize the way you operate and improve your bottom line – by maintaining precise records, eliminating repetitive tasks, sharing information, generating statistical data and much more. So your custom software saves you time and energy and leaves you with ample scope to employ your resources in other productive activities.

Now you would ask why not go for an already available off the shelf software instead? It may happen so that all the requirements of your company’s functioning may not be covered by the functionality of the commercial software. Plus, in the case of custom software, it can always be upgradable to meet the ever growing needs of your business without any extra investment. It is a process that only you have access to and it gives your organizations an edge over your competitors.

A custom software saves time and effort and is ‘competitive advantage’ of a business. It can be treated as a onetime investment. And when your company’s efficiency goes up using custom software, it is investment which is paying back.

So what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you want to invest in custom software which guarantees returns?

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