This Father’s day, bring a smile to your father with our digitized gifts

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Your father was and will always be your hero. Despite all the arguments and differences, he’s always been there no matter what. He’s paid your bills, fixed your problems and got you all that you demanded. He’s had those late working hours only to ensure that you have a secured future. All said and done, it’s now your turn to tell him how much all his efforts mean to you. And what better way than giving him digitized gifts that would not only make him feel special but also help him inflate his business! This father’s day, we at Technobratz come up with digitized gifts that you can gift your father. These solutions will not only help him save more time at work but also spend quality time with his loved ones at home.

E card

Picture your father going to office, opening his mailbox and seeing an e card from you! Besides gifting your father real gifts, you can go an extra mile and send him that e card that will make him feel on top of the world. All you need to do is fill in the details and tell us what you want your wish to be. We ensure prompt delivery of the e card right into your father’s inbox within no time at all!


Not having a website simply means that you do not exist in the online world. In the year 2000, India had 5 million internet users.  We now have the 3rd largest Internet population in the world with about 150 million users after China (at 575m) and the US (at 275m). So considering the growing number of internet users in India, it is very important that every business has its presence online. A website will not only ensure more visibility but it will eventually ensure more business for the organisation. A website can help your father’s business grow manifolds and he’ll be proud of your gift.

Customized Software

Each business is unique and has its own dynamics. A company would ideally need a customized software to streamline its vast and complicated dynamics. A customized software provides significant competitive edges to meet the business’ and customers’ needs in the most optimal manner. Your father might be already using an already available software in the market for his business. about it But the already available software might not be adept enough to address all the challenges faced by his company. Before providing you with a customized software solution, we at Technobratz, study the business thoroughly, understand the inflow and outflow and all the processes of the organisation. Hence, the customized software designed by us will be tailor made to meet all the needs and overcome the challenges of his business.

Mobile App

The easiest way that a company can establish communication with its customers is through a mobile app. A mobile app does not take more than ten seconds to install and is easy to use. Gone are the days when one relied on a TV ad for all the branding and marketing. At Technobratz, we consider a mobile app to be nothing less than a marketing device. With a mobile app, the customer can directly access the company’s inventory, know about its latest events and much more all at the tap of an icon. No matter where the customer is and what he is doing, a mobile app enables him to receive all the important information about the company! Gift your father a mobile app and introduce him to a whole new world of mobile marketing.

This father’s day, don’t just wish your father; go ahead and help him achieve that competitive edge to attain pinnacles of success! Get in touch with us to choose your digitized gift right away!


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