Small Company Big Ideas

It doesn't come out of the blue, or from outer space; it comes from applying creative thinking to good information. At Technobratz, we work with you to discover what it is that you need to digitize your business, and then we implement it for you in our own special way.

To bring businesses to life, with ideas that work. We put you first, every time. From traditional media to the most cutting edge digital solutions, our innovative approach defines optimal results.

No buzzwords. Just results.

TechnoBratz - the small team with very big ideas.




  • Website design and development
  • Online stores
  • e-commerce strategies
  • SEO, SEM and SMM
  • e-stores
  • Blog designs
  • Domain and Web hosting

We produce creatively strong, future-proofed websites and online strategies for our clients from different business domains to help our clients boost their DIGITAL presence.



Our software developers are experienced and we know how to develop the perfect customised software to suit your business needs.

We know how important it is for a new software to seemlessly merge in a new or existing business. To minimise the efforts of incorporating it for daily use, we make the softwares extremely userfriendly.



  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Mobile Web Apps

Mobile applications can range from custom apps for managing your business needs to mobile e-stores for your business to make a mark in the exciting new frontier of online shopping. We provide mobile app solutions for all leading mobile operating systems and also mobile web apps.



  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochure
  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Print media

Each element that comes in contact with customers creates an impression of your business. Signage, business cards, brochures, advertising, websites, emails, uniforms are all visual elements that help form this opinion.

The Bratz!

Managing Partner


He's our all-rounder Office Manager who can, and will, do anything - well, with a God name like that you wouldn't expect anything less. Management is his thing, be it managing personnel or money matters!

Devendra graduated from the University of Pune, having studied Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science.

Managing Partner


Aside from being well presented - NOT, Yash's experience in marketing, business strategy and planning provides an informed and organised service offering for Technobratz's clients.

Yash is a graduate from the University of Pune, having studied Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science.

Our Work

  • Sweta Mantrii

    Sweta Mantrii

  • Samruddh Constructions

    Samruddh Constructions

  • Krishna-Developers


  • Sane Equipments

    Aura Automation

  • Sane Equipments

    Aura Automation

  • Sane Equipments

    Sane Equipments

  • Concoctions Designing

    Concoctions Designing

  • GenPower Systems

    GenPower Systems

  • Vericlone Tissue Technologies

    Vericlone Tissue Technologies

  • Billing Software

    Billing Software

  • simply Life - Custom Software for Inventory Management & Barcoding

    Simply Life - Custom Software for Inventory Management & Barcoding

  • Babi Nutri Check

    Babi Nutri Check

  • Dental Clinic Management Software

    Dental Clinic Management Software

  • Learning Median

    Learning Median

  • Eaglet Software Pvt. Ltd.

    Eaglet Software Pvt. Ltd.

  • Eagle-Eye Surveyance Solutions

    Eagle-Eye Surveyance Solutions

  • Psychiatry Mobile App

    Psychiatry Mobile App

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865 Guruwar Peth, Near Shitladevi Chowk,
Jedhe Prasad Road, Pune - 411 042,
Maharashtra, India.
Shitladevi Chowk


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They Said It

"The overall work delivered by the Technobratz team was excellent.Their design work for my website is very innovative and vibrant. Their work is not only appreciated by my colleagues but my clients as well."
- Hrishikesh Sherikar

"A great solid job, work was done to a high standard and in decent time, The Team has been very helpful and has strong knowledge of what has been asked of Technobratz."
- San Saini

"Professional, neat and timely is the way, I can describe the experience with Technobratz We urgently needed our website ready for our client and we called upon Technobratz despite of having previous bad experience with an established firm. As task was urgent and deadline was so steep, that we were just expecting an average working website from anyone doing the task. But Technobratz rose to the occasion magnificently that we got professional looking website ready within the deadline. It also met all technical parameters. It is fast, sleek, secure and most importantly it maintains consistent view from all different kinds of devices as well as browsers. Support has also been good. Overall, very positive and refreshing experience from the people as well as the organization. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to get things done professionally, with professional and cooperative people."
- Eaglet Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

"Somebody would ask why you would choose to work with a one month old start up when you already have a plethora of established agencies to choose from. Well, I don`t really have an accurate answer to that one, but now I know I haven`t made the wrong decision! Having interacted with them a couple of times, I was simply impressed by the confidence that team Technobratz showcased and I knew that they will have something unique to bring to the table. I couldn`t be happier for the way my business card has turned out to be! You guys are brilliant when it comes to deliverables. More power to you! Cheers"
- Sweta Mantri